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How to prevent injuries

     When you are dancing, It is very easy to injure yourself.  Also, if you don't let prior injuries heal, it could only get worse. Below, I will give you some advice on how to prevent these injuries.

     First off, it is a good idea to pace yourself. Fatigue is the cause for a lot of problems in dancers who all of a sudden increase their workout. Try not to go full out when you first start your dance schedule.

Stretching before and after you dance is always a good idea. But before you start  stretching, you have to get your blood flowing through your body. You are more likely to injure yourself if you are not warm before you stretch. You could start by jogging or walking fast around your dance room.

1. Dancers should be physically in shape. I'm not saying that you have to to be really skinny to be a dancer, you just have to be strong before you start performing. Don't do anything that you are not capable of. 

2. It is important to eat properly and to drink a lot of water. It is critical that dancers have adequate nutrition. Also, dancers who don't smoke have a big advantage because obviously, when you smoke, you run out of breath easier.

3. Warming up prepares the mind and body for a performance. Warming up for 10-15 minutes raises your body temperature. It also raises your heart rate and increases the circulation of oxygen. As your body temperature rises, The ability of stretching increases. So, all-in-all, stretching should come after the wrm up.