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How to increase your flexibility

     Are you looking for stretches that will increase your flexibility? If you are, you have come to the right place.

1. this stretch is one that I do every day and is my favorite one ever! What you do is find a wall with plenty of space on all sides. Then lay on your back with your feet facing the wall and your head facing away from the wall. Slide your butt up to the wall and lift up your legs parallel and up against the wall. then spread your legs in a straddle and let gravity stretch your inner thighs. Don't forget to turn on music that you can sing along to so you forget about the pain (Don't worry, its not that painful). Do this for about five minutes. also, the longer you do this stretch, the less it hurts. this stretches the muscle that you use for side leaps  and even your toe touches. It also aids in your splits.

2. This is another stretch that I enjoy and it's really easy too. What you do is lay on the floor on your stomach. Now slide your leg on the side of you going towards your head. (It is similar to a heel stretch.) Remember to keep your hips square and to keep both legs straight. Hold this for about a minute and then switch legs. This stretch can help you with your splits. It is also very useful for extensions.

3. If you already have your splits/straddles, You can use this stretch to help you get more than that. All you have to do is get a mat and fold it up. (You can also use a stair or anything that you can prop your leg onto.) Then put your leg on the mat and slide into a split keeping your leg on the mat. You should feel a stretch further than a split. If you already have that, pile two mats on top of each other. You can also do this for straddles.  

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