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Cardio Training Tips and More!


1. CHOOSING YOUR CARDIO: Walking into a gym for cardiovascular exercises can be pretty intimidating. You should know that you don't always need a gym to do your exercises for dance. Here is some advice on choosing the correct exercise.

-Running is not the best exercise for dancers because it puts too much pressure on your knees, hips, and feet. Try walking fast uphill or on a hike instead.

-Swimming is also a great exercise for dancers because it doesn't put the pressure on your joints. but to avoid the unwanted arm development, try holding on to a kick board while swimming. Kate Solmssen, a personal trainer, recommends doing pas de chats or jumping jacks in the water.

-Riding a bike is also a great way to exercise because you are sitting and not putting the pressure on your joints.

-Going to an elliptical trainer is another excellent way without the unnecessary impact on your joints.

2. GETTING STARTED: If you cant find the right cardio exercise right away, just remember to be patient.

-if the exercise hurts, STOP! Try something a bit easier before you move on.

-Build up the intensity of the workout slowly. It will decrease your risk of injury.

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